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Biometrische toegangscontrole en aanwezigheidsreistratie

A picture is worth a thousand words...

...but let's keep it a bit shorter

Tracy Web-based Business Solutions, web UI with the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) , Knockout, jQuery, CSS, XSLT, iDeal integration, NMBRS integration, Twinfield integration, SQL, Javascript, Clipper, LDAP, Firewalls, Active Directory, (web) Fax integration, IIS, Cisco, Windows, Ruby on Rails, DB2, PHP, DOS, Routers, Digital Certificates, Novell Netware, Smart Cards, OpenLDAP, JSON, Data exchange, OpenSSH, Data conversion, Data Pumping, BIG Data, ASP, SSH, SQL Server, MS Access, MS Office, Turbo Pascal, Linux Shell, Mobile development, Ajax, LAN, JDBC, ODBC, Linux, Tomcat, Apache, HTML, Visual Basic, IBM WebSphere, XFO, DOS scripting, Java, VPN, MySQL, Networking Essentials, IPX/SPX, Responsive Design, TCP/IP, VBScript, SSL, XML and more, but let's keep it short.


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